Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Trial

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury you have listened to the evidence of the prosecution and the testimony of the defence. Have you reach decision?”

The foreman of the jury rose to address the judge. “We have your honour.”

“On the charge of financial embezzlement off the funds of Oxton Cottage Hospital, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?”


“On the charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?”


“And finally, on the charge of the illegal distribution of prescription drugs, do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?”


The judge turned to address the defendant. “Dr. Benjamin Webster you have been found guilty of the charges bought against you. I therefore sentence you to 12 years imprisonment with the recommendation that you serve a minimum of eight years.”

Dr. Webster bowed his head downward as Inspector Parton took him from the doc. Out in the gallery he spotted Corporal Bell looking in complete shop while his nurse Liz buried her head in her hands, he remained silent as he was dispatched to the custodial transportation van and did so for the duration of the journey.

The prison induction had been hard, the prison doctor in particular had shown a large degree of venom to the examination. The stripping of his own identity and transference to prison uniform had been humiliating and painful but he seemed to have a reasonable cell mate who had clearly served time before, he’d show him the ropes of settling in. His cellmate was however surprised to see that two days into his stretch Dr. Webster was called to the governor’s office and then sent to an interview room. “Your lawyer is here,” the governor said as way of explanation.

Dr. Webster sat at the table in the featureless interview room, the legend ALL CONVERSIONS MUST BE IN ENGLISH adorned the wall. A moment later two wardens entered followed by a familiar man in a pinstripe suit and a long grey coat. He sat opposite Dr Webster, clasped his hands together and smiled.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he said with a spirit of mischief present in his eyes. “My name is Arthur Fransure and I have been assigned to your case.’

“But Stepson Lawyers was bought out,” answered Dr Webster with an knowing smile on his face.

“Yes,” answered Arthur, “I represent the new team, the Grimm Family: John, Paul, George and Siobhan.” He then then made a small gesture to the wardens who nodded back.

“Ok Arthur,” began Dr Webster, “what is going on and why am I here?”

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Trial

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