Would being a jovial man be an appropriate description of myself?

I don’t think so, while  I am not a total misery guts it would be fair to say I do carry a level of cynicism within me, you could say I am a lugubriously cheerful person.

There are a number of people who I know who permanently seem to be in a euphoric sense of rapture, I sometime wonder if there is something in their water at times. Overtly jovial people I find tend to get very irritating very quickly what with their constant noise making and they always seem to be rash on the defence if you criticise. “Do you have to make so much noise?” or “can’t you be quiet for a little bit?” are usually snapped at with “wahh just because you can’t relax and enjoy yourself…”  No I can’t because you won’t shut up and I want to a bit of quite contemplation to myself and you keep shattering my piece and quiet. Or if I indulge in a hobby such as reading or say just playing a computer game I get “oh fine, be antisocial”. I found the best way to deal with these people is to put some headphones  and plug them into my phone or an MP3 player… not always listening to anything but it acts as a blanket as such to the world and for some reason listening to music is deemed socially acceptable to terminally jovial people.

Am I happy? Yes, but I don’t see the need for a dramatic representation to prove I am happy, or why there is a need to prove it all.

Word of the Day Challenge: Jovial


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