It’s cold outside

Your Daily Word Prompt: Chilly

The wind howled rattling the windows, the frames of which had seen better days illustrated by the chipped paint and cracked wood. The fire danced in response to the breeze coming from the chimney where both of the house’s occupants sat huddled together.

“Charming spot,” said Corporal Bell.

“My dear young lady,” answered Dr. Webster, “it’s no use complaining about it.”

“It’s more fun that way,” she answered tortly. She smiled, “well at least we can say that we experienced winter in the Alps.”

“There is that,” said Dr Webster. “When the storm stops I’ll try and dig the jeep out the drift.”

There was a howl in the distance, Dr Webster looked at the Corporal, his face asking a question with out words.

“Yes,” she confirmed. “A wolf. Let’s hope it isn’t part of a pack.”

“I wonder who’s house this is,” said Dr Webster, “…and more importantly, where they are.”

Thanks Benjamin, thought the Corporal. I didn’t want to address the elephant just yet.

A few hours passed and the snowstorm died down. Bell took this as a cue to start looking around the house and prompted Dr Webster to do the same. After an explore the evidence suggested this was a holiday home as there were signs of occupation not so long ago, clean linein on the beds and and some basic supplies in the pantry and freezer.

“Perhaps we should leave a cheque for any items we use,” said Dr. Webster.

“It’d be polite, but something bothers me…” Said the Corporal

“Oh?” Queried Dr Webster, eyebrow raised.

She shrugged, “I don’t know, I can’t quite place my finger on it. It’s like a chill on my spine from something in the corner of my eye.’

“That’s a terrible simile,” replied Dr Webster, “however I know what you mean…. Something is not quite right here.” The pair stood in silence for a moment, the silence was broken by the sound of howls closer then before.

“The wolves… They have picked up a scent,” stated Bell. “I hope it’s not us.”

“Me neither,” said Dr Webster. “The door!” He exclaimed all of a sudden.

“I locked it when we arrived,” said the Corporal thinking he was worried about the pack invading

“I know,” answered Dr Webster. “But it was unlocked when we got here.”

Corporal Bell froze for a moment, “of course. That’s what was nagging at me.”

“That means someone is planning on returning… Or…”


“I think we need to check the grounds. What exactly have those wolves got a scent of?”

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