Work Out Session

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Stretch

There was a familar knock at the door, “come in,” called Bell. A moment later Arthur entered, his face buried in a folder and muttering something under his breath.

“Have you seen these figures?” Asked Arthur .

“Hardly if they are in that file,” replied Bell. “What are they?”

“Recent figures on prison breaks,” answered Arthur. He looked up “You should…” He stammered as he clocked the Corporal. She was engaged in some form of training stretches in a very tight leotard and at that very moment bending over. “Full moon isn’t until next week,” Arthur quipped eventually.

“Really Arthur? You know I need to keep supple. Especially with the amount of field work I do for you.” She answered dismissively rising from her position and grabbing a towel to wipe away some sweat.

“It seems that the number is up by 11%,” Arthur began.

Corporal Bell took the file, “let’s have a look,” she said and thumbed her way through the notes. “I have heard of spring fever but this is ridiculous.”

“Yes, seems to be a network of… Will you please stop stretching it is most distracting.”

“Techy,” replied Bell as she stretched her back, “someone hasn’t been getting any.”

“I see I am not going to get any sensible answers from you at the moment,” stated Arthur. “I’ll prep some tea while you finish off.”

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