Fandango’s One Word Challenge : Silent

The corridor was silent as he walked down it, he was careful with his steps keeping a keen eye for loose looking floorboards and hidden sensors. The doors were all shut as walked by, a mixed blessing he thought. He would have cover if he heard people but there was the risk of the noise of the handle, but hopefully people would be at the party. He turned around a corner and spotted a door slightly ajar and a the light from, presumably, a bedside light spilling out. As he moved nearer he noted two shadows on the wall and he slipped to a door frame near by. A moment later the man dressed as Edgar Allan Poe emerged from the door, looking somewhat bewildered and mildly unkempt, he strained to keep out of his sightline as he headed back towards the staircase. Confident that he wasn’t going to turn back he emerged from the frame and peeked again through the now half open door. It was the room Krissy was staying in and it looked like she was changing into a formal dress, no doubt for the speeches, at the moment however she was parading around in just a pair of knickers and her back to the  door. She slipped into her dress and paused, suddenly aware she wasn’t alone anymore.

“Have you come back for more?” she asked cheekily and turned around. She seemed surprised and mildly disappointed not to see who she thought. “Oh it’s you. I have to give a speech, so I advise you return to the party. Lady Midnight will notice your absence during the speech. I’ll be down shortly…”

With that he turned on around and departed as quietly as he had arrived.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Silent

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