Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Parking

One of the biggest issues with going to older towns and cities is that they were designed at a time when the number of cars on the road was significantly less than it is today. This is going to be a minor issue with my trip to Blackpool and the Lake District as the former hotel has limited parking based on a first come first served basis and then go to a public pay and display car park if the spaces are gone. There is apparently street parking but under the circumstances I will probably favour the car park as there is likely to be CCTV around. The second occasion is similar with only street parking and a pay and display. We shall see how this transpires but if memory serves, the lake District is littered with pay and display car parks, so our activities will have to be backed up by lots of change.

I may well take some appropriate reading material, I am thinking John Bude’s The Lake District Murder which is part of the British Library’s Classic Crime reissue series.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Parking

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