10 Films

In response to Melanie’s Ten Films Which Influenced Me post, which in term was inspired by The Haunted Wordsmith,

So since I am not sure quite how “inspired” is to be interpreted here is my best shot.

1. Citizen Kane

Yes I know it is a bit of a Film School Textbook answer but many things struck a chord with me, whether it be the gorgeous cinematography, the nuanced performances, or that it is one of those films which digs at the uncomfortable truth of human nature, but Orson Welles’ explodes with an air of arrogant and justified confidence.

2. Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horrors

This one is very much down to the visuals which stick in your mind long after the film is over. Whether it be the use of shadows such as in the famous staircase and heart grabbing scene, the inversion from positive to negative when Hutter’s coach enters the land of the supernatural or even the appearance of the Count himself. The rodent like features of Orlock seem far more suited to a being who can change form to a Bat or a Wolf then the elegant sophisticated charm of later Vamps.

3. Carry On Follow That Camel

Although when I first watched this I had no idea it was a send up of a classic novel, it struck me as a comedy film with a series and strong storyline. What struck me about it was that it was being played relatively straight. Watching it back now there are lots of little things which bring a smile and I think the presence of Phil Silvers bought everyone’s game up.

4. Vixen

Hey, we’re all allowed to fondly remember one naughty film which we watched in our teenage years. I think what struck me most about this was that it was how it was directed. It looks good visually throughout and in a way there is a sense of freedom about the titular (pun intended) character.

5. Strangers on a Train

Simply a masterclass in tension as the film builds and from a very simple premise.

6. Ghostbusters

A staple film of my childhood which didn’t disappoint when watching as I grew older. It really is a film for all the family on different levels.

7. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

The ultimate movie for a guy who loves corny jokes and visual nonsense. Leslie Neilson proves the secret to comedy is to treat it real and play it straight.

8. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

The harsh and cold reality of this movie acts as a counter to the fluff of Bond and The Avengers and influenced me in as much as saying, you can’t write it proper so don’t try.

9. The Evil Dead

The Zombie genre is not a favourite of mine but this movie struck me very much as being in the vein of the base-under-siege stories of Patrick Troughton’s second year as Doctor Who. It’s a simple yet effectively scary film because of it.

10. The Third Man

As a lover of Film Noir and British cinema this is one of my favourite films. The film teaches you a lot about how well do you know your friend.

4 thoughts on “10 Films

  1. I have always meant to watch “Citizen Kane”…now I’ll have to get on that! Sounds like something I SHOULD see. I too am a fan of the Leslie Nielsen films of the 80s-90s…Police Squad was right up there with Airplane (which I don’t believe he was in…but the same kind of humor, right?) I loved Tinker…etc, it was on the same level for me as Red and Red II and The Whole Nine Yards. Just my kind of action/thriller. I have a whole list by itself of ‘action thrillers’ that are just excellent.

    Great choices all of yours! This is so interesting, how diverse our choices are – those who answered – yet how some of them overlap this way. Teresa did a very good thing, yeah? ! 😀


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