RDP: This Sporting Life

Ragtage Daily Prompt: Sport

I have never been much of a sporty person, either to watch or play. At the most I have a passing interest in the Olympics and the Paralympics as sports viewing habits, the latter no doubt being down to having had a very small six degrees of separation connection to a para-athelte (one of Sian’s many siblings was a wheelchair racer). My interest in football is practically zero, obviously as I support West Bromwich Albion, and Rugby… No thanks.

Tennis is about the only sport I actually enjoy playing and it was one of the few times PE was actually tolerable at school. I hated PE and to this day think the way it is executed at school is wrong. The focus should be on keeping the students in a vague sort of shape and not the ridiculous, almost obsessive commitment to Games. “It brings out the sportsman in you”, “helps build up a team” and “helps develop problem solving skills” are the cold empty mantras repeated over and over again by Bullish PE teachers on their good days, “it’ll make a man of you” on a more, let’s say pithy day, a worrying statement for the girls to worry about no doubt. I am not saying that team Games should be banned at school, but they should be something you have to sign up to. Those who want to join will sign up anyway and not only would it improve the team as there’d be no compensating for poorer players and those who are there on sufferance, but it’d mean that those not interested will be able to make a better use of their time. Frankly I am not sure how standing around the school field freezing to death is in anyway beneficial to your physical health as all which happens is those interested end in possession anyway and tend to bark obscenities at you if you do get involved.

The only real team sport I am interested in is of course Cricket. I was a reasonable batsman and a good slow bowler and it was the rare occasion I enjoyed a sport, probably down to it being a little more one to one when you were at the wicket. I enjoy watching Test Matches but seldom have the time to watch anything other than the highlights.

Yes I know that song isn’t actually about Sport but.. I like it.


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