Word of the Day Challenge: Prophetic

“Nigel Kneale should have a slot in place of the Monologue where he just says ‘I told you so'”- Mark Gatiss (I am paraphrasing so don’t kill me Mark.)

Prophetic would be a good word to describe Nigel Kneale, ‘the man who invented British outer space.’

For those of you who don’t know, Nigel Kneale was a British playwright and script writer who enthralled and terrified the UK in the 1950s with the Quatermass Experiment, 1984, Quatermass 2 and Quatermass and the Pit and tested our cerebral cortexes with The Creature, The Stone Tapes and The Year of the Sex Olympics in the 50s and 60s.

The luridly titled Year of the Sex Olympics in many ways predicted the advent of reality TV with the climax being very much reminiscent of shows like Survivor, Big Brother and I’m a Celebrity…

Check out his work if you can.

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