The Rock

“Look at this,” said Wilking indicating the ground.

“Looks like just another big lump of Granite,” answered Maggiestone. “Remember the lava from this era would have been acidic.”

“Not at the chill margins,” insisted Wilking. “The mineral streak, it looks like it could be pure Lulconol.”

“If it is we could have riches beyond the dreams of Averse,” laughed Maggiestone as he produced his kit and started tapping the ground. He took a dip and strike reading and the did a basic chemical reaction test.

Wilking look pensively as Maggiestone finished his initial tests.

“I think you might be right,” he said a little excited. “If this turns out to be a large batholith we could have found ourselves a little nest egg.”

“Let’s file a claim on the land,” said Wilking. “It’s suitable for building on and will be cheap. The natives really believe that this valley is cursed.”

Maggiestone paused, it’d certainly make everything much more simple and legitimately easier to work from, plus they could sit on the seam and extract it at the best time. Decisions needed to be made.

“Well let’s get back to the RV and eat first.” He finally said. Wilking agreed and they headed back to the RV.

“There’s an odd fishy smell coming from the inside…” Said Wilking. They pulled the door handle and were surprised to find it open. Must have not locked it, nothing to worry about. They entered and were by the stronger smell. A bag of seafood lay defrosted on the floor…

“Darn it,” said Maggiestone, “I must have forgotten to put it in the fridge.

Word of the Day Challenge: Granite


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