Who Are You?

The figure in the cowl had slipped away down a corridor, Thomas nodded to Tracy to apprehend at the other end and retreated the way he came. The decoy had worked and a moment later the figure return and slipped into the adjacent room.

A moment later Thomas returned from his hiding place and was joined shortly by Tracy. He silently indicated the door and they stood either side, quick as a flash Thomas forced the door and did a duck and roll across the floor, the figure turned and produced a large blade from the confines of the costume. A second later it was bought to the ground by a perfectly executed Rugby tackle from Tracy. Thomas smiled, “you should play for the England team.”

“I don’t think my little Oswestry based-family would like that,” Tracy replied.

“That is true,” answered Thomas. He turned to the figure. “Now what are we to make of you?” He moved to the dresser and looked through various items.

“It’ll be nice to catch someone red handed,” said Tracy gleefully. “My career is going from strength to strength.” She smiled and pulled down the hood. She didn’t recognise the man at all, “Halloween party, perfectly designed for disguise.”

Thomas was looking through the wallet on the desk, “James Colin Stevenson, American national..’

“Oh international crime too..” Tracy looked almost orgasmic as she mulled over the implications.

Thomas suddenly stiffened, “Let him go Miss Sevenpenny.”


“Let him go..” he barked. Such was the sudden change in his demeanor she did and didn’t notice he had broken her cover.

“..But why?” She asked with a petulant late teenage whine.

He simply smiled and handed her the wallet. She read it and looked up alarmed.

“Oh my word Arthur,” she finally said. “What is going on?”

Printed in large bold blue writing were three initials and a description.

Federal Bureau of Investigation: FBI

Your Daily Prompt: Disguise

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