Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Public

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Public

“What is the plan now?” Asked Liz panting as she struggled to keep up with Dr Webster’s long strides.

“First up,” said Dr. Webster. “To sign you up to the gym and get you back in shape. Secondly, we had to the Tavern over there.”

Liz’s eyes lit up. “Oh?”

“We’ll be in plain view,” answered Dr Webster. “I doubt they’ll try anything in public.”

“Let’s hope not,” answered Liz.

“One hour, that’s all we need.” Explained Dr Webster. “Then Corporal Bell and the clean up crew will be here to escort us away.”

The doors to the Public Bar pushed inward and the good doctor and Liz entered. There were about a dozen patrons who turned and looked at them on arrival. Liz half expected “we don’t ‘ave stranger’s ‘ere” to be uttered. It wasn’t instead, there was a cheer. The landlord stepped from behind the bar.

“We didn’t think you were going to make it,” he said politely. “The stage is ready when you are.”

Dr Webster and Liz exchanged puzzled looks. Then Liz spotted the poster….

“Well that is one way to be seen in public…” She finally said.

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