Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Opponent

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Opponent

Now you might have noticed that I am something of a mild fan of Doctor Who. A show which has three famous recurring opponents for the good Doctor. I am sure the pictures will inform you of who is who

Since their various introductions, the characters/monsters have a staple of the series with only (to date) Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith’s Doctor’s not to have faced off against the Master (I am not counting Jodie Whitaker as her era isn’t finished yet, not because of the #Notmydoctor shit). Eccleston is also the only Doctor who didn’t face off against the Cybermen* so is a bit of an oddity of a Doctor on that front.

Now between 1989 and 2005 while the series was off the air, Big Finish, and Virgin and BBC Books published their ranges of original Doctor Who fiction and there was something surprising… The icon villains rarely appeared, mostly due to rights but this meant a series of new opponents for the Doctor were created. The most successful of these was Sabbath, a 19th human from the secret service whom had connections with an unnamed race and was a leading figure in a non-Gallifrey honed universe. The character was a good one but it was obvious that the writer’s weren’t really sure what to do with him and ended up as a bit of a “we’re just going to use him like the Master” cliché. A late rewrite to The Domino Effect meant that the importance of the character in his arc was lessened and he was subsequently killed off unceremoniously in the final story of the arc Sometime Never, which frankly was a bit of a mess.

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