If You Go Into the Woods Today 3TC: Daily Writing Challenge #21

I remember this vividly back when I was still living in England. It was the height of summer and my friends and I had taken to the idea of a trip to a stately home. I had only just passed my driving test and this was our first day out. Johnny had helped pack the hamper, Algy had polished up the car for me, and Freddie had laid forth the day’s itinerary. We had arrived in the grounds of the home in plenty of time and enjoyed the tour. We went down by the river for our picnic and indulged ourselves. It was quite a feast we had packed and soon after luncheon we relaxed in the sun. Freddie, game girl that she was, was the first who suggested we take a dip in the river to cool off. We had planned to move on to the beach but there was something tranquil about being by the river hidden on the bank by the expansive forest. I’d saw for a bit and helped Algy pack away the hamper and Freddie and Johnny splashed away in the river. Algy returned the hamper to the car and I fancied a spot of orienteering in the woods. Was a boy scout when I was in short-trousers you know. Well I had done my woodland wander among the trees and I heard a soft sort of mewing sound from not so far away. Now Freddie was the one into Ornithology and I looked at the spot where we were but there was no one to be seen. No doubt off exploring on her own. I followed the sound through the trees and as I got nearer I could make out some words. I drew in closer and I heard the same word being said with greater speed and urgency. It was a girl’s voice, not any girl’s voice but Freddie’s. She was saying in heavy breaths, “faster, faster, faster.” I located her whereabouts and to this day, I still remember and feel the mixed emotions that beset me at that moment. There up against a might Oak tree leant Freddie, her head leaning to oneside and still breathing heavy and saying “ooh yes, faster” her voice more shrill. As the cover of the foilage deminished I saw that her bathing suit was on the floor and her T shirt ridden up to her shoulders and her pale body on show as Johnny was working his manhood with her.

Now these days the youth are aware of these shenanigans, but this was a different age and intercourse was something talkef about in hushed whispered and seldom seen. Even at the pictures and on television it was implied rather than portrayed.

I must have cracked a twig as they both stopped short and Freddie dismounted as it were from her steed. I felt she was going to get angry with me but no, she seemed her cheerful self and quite content to keep her womanhood on show. “You were in for a big surprise in the woods weren’t you Teddy?” She asked rhetorically.

-Extract from the memoirs of Edward “Teddy” Chilcott, the CEO of Stinson Jazz Club.

This was in response The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge


The three things were hidden, trees, and England

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