Sexton Blake and the Three Thing Challenge

“The history of Crime Detection has produced no more famous name then that of Sexton Blake, here presented for you is a brand new case study by Michael Storm featuring Tinker and Pedro alongside Sexton Blake.”

It was most unusual for Sexton Blake to be late arriving at Baker’s Street, but today was one of those rare occasions. The weather had been unseasonably warm and he had decided to take Pedro, and himself, out for a long bout of exercise. Upon returning to Baker’s Street Pedro’s instinct had kicked in and already he was poised for action with a faint growl sounding. Blake was no fool and trusted Pedro’s instinct more so then those of any man, including his own. Cautiously he pushed open the door to the antechamber and found that the door to his consulting room had been forced. Pedro had already picked up a scent and was following it around the room, Blake let Pedro do his work and checked out the office.

“My word Tinker,” he exclaimed as he entered and found his partner Tinker in a chair dazed and confused with a poppy bruise on his forehead, “what happened?”

“Thank god you’re here gov’nor,” Tinker croaked, reassured that Blake had returned. “A masked man dressed in brown came in and told me that he was the Thriller and that he ruled the streets of London now.” Tinker explained, “he then told me that were not to take on any work unless he said so. I was going to give him a bunch of fives when the dastardly swine did me over with his cane.”

Sexton Blake made for the drinks cabinet and poured a large brandy and handed it to Tinker. “Normally I don’t encourage drinking before five but I think you need to steady your nerve.”

Pedro barked loudly indicating he had found something, Blake returned to the antechamber and was greeted by Pedro carrying a brown case in his mouth. Blake took the case and opened it, inside was an ornate spyglass engraved with the letters S. M Z or possibly another S, the engraving was chipped slightly there. “Well done Pedro!” Ejaculated Blake. He’d get Tinker to run this down to Inspector Couts, this was a specialised piece which would have cost the owner a fortune. He suspected this was a trap laid by the mysterious man calling himself the Thriller, but if he were to find out who he was he would have to play his game for a bit.

Inspired by the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge.

This post was bought to you by the words: Thriller, spyglass, and Fortune.

The aforementioned words are highlighted in bold italics on their first usage.

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