The Sandman Returns

After a week of late finishes and early calls in I am proud to say I hung up the barman’s apron for a week and took my beloved Heather away for a week. We spent two days in the seaside resort of Blackpool and the next three days we donned our waterproofs for break in the Lake District. There is also a double jazz session for me Today (28-10-18) with Washington Whirligig at Lunchtime and the Severnside in the evening. This should prove to be a nice recharge before the onslaught of the festive season.

Currently I am reading the beloved children’s book The Wind in the Willows which is a nice relaxing read and for my holiday I will be reading John Bude’s vintage murder mystery story The Lake District Murder which as the title suggests, is about a drug smuggling ring in Connecticut. For the duration of the car journeys I toyed with either putting on the talking book of Doctor Who: Last of the Gadenere which is written by Mark Gatiss and features the Third Doctor, Jo Grant and UNIT and is read by Richard Franklin, who played Mike Yates. Or introduce Heather to Kaldor City, which is an excellent audio drama series from Magic Bullet Productions starring Russell Hunter, Paul Darrow and Scott Fredricks.

In the end I settled for the Last of the Gadenere which is a perfect capture of the late Pertwee era complete with it’s obvious roots in Quatermass.


img_20181025_1407382999317101247291373.jpg img_20181026_1700461509848416040403017.jpg


The holiday was Heather’s first visit to Blackpool, part of the reason for the visit, and the Lake District was a big part of her childhood…

This was my third visit to Blackpool but the  first time I probably spent any real time there. Circa 2002, Brett, his cousin and I did a quick day trip to the Pleasure Beach thanks to discounts on the wristband (I reckon it was a ploy as it wasn’t quite season) and when I was about 11 I went on a days coach trip with my Mum and my Sister but don’t really remember much.

We did the Tower, the Pleasure Beach, Sealife Centre and the Blackpool Dungeon, and of course the Illuminations tour on the vintage Tram.

The Lake District was a more laid back affair, we stayed in Coniston near the lake and did a mix of walking and boating. The scenery their is lovely and the atmosphere was very relaxed. The village also had three Pubs serving very good ale and food and a number of Cafés.

Although I did bring an appropriate book (The Lake District Murder by John Bude) we were so busy with outdoor activities I ended up nodding off pretty much the moment my bonce hit the pillow. So I didn’t even get to finish The Wind in the Willows.

The Thursday before I went on Holiday I went to see the movie Venom, which is another Marvel Comics based film but has the advantage of the titular character being something of a villain. Now, the press reviews don’t seem to be overly favourable but it was a good movie if a little reliant on a few clichés and recycling chunks from The Quatermass Experiment and Quatermass II. Tom Hardy was good in his pseudo-duel role and while a darker and more visceral film there was plenty of humour. Admittedly the climax of two CGI aliens having a scrape failed to engage, there’s a reason why the Avengers and Justice League had human like characters in the fight scenes and is why the Hulk doesn’t really work in his own movies and tends to be played for laughs in the Avengers movies.

NB. In this occasion I mean the Avengers as in Ironman, Thor, Captain America etc.. not The Avengers as in Dr David Keel, John Steed, Cathy Gale and so forth.

I recently purchased copies of John Carpenter’s Memoirs of An Invisible Man starring Chevy Chase and Dayrl Hannah, Mr Smith Goes to Washington starring Jimmy Stewart and White Heat starting James Cagney. I am debating whether to see the new Halloween movie, the involvement of John Carpenter is a selling point as is the return of Jamie Lee Curtis, but I am not sure… It reeks of dragging out a washed up franchise even more. Still at least it isn’t Rob Zombie in the director’s chair. If free I may well go and see the special Halloween screening of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, this is the original 1983 print and hopefully the uncut version. The original UK British VHS releases and TV screenings were slightly edited due to a strict set of guidelines and the film was deemed one of the “Video Nasties” but probably was unfairly treated purely because it had the words ‘Evil’ and ‘Dead’ in the title, I mean compare it to “Spit on Your Grave” and “Cannibal Holocaust”. However in 2003 the cuts to the Evil Dead were waived and the full uncut version was released.


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