The Web House

Night had fallen and the rain was falling, and getting worse. The temperature was getting lower and lower and Karen Braid was lost. She’d thought she had taken a promising shortcut but alas she’d just lost her way. After an hour of wandering she’d reached some fields on the edge of the hill and had started making her way across them, even if an angry farmer turned up and turfed her off at least she’d get pointed in the direction of civilization. She’d reached the house soon after. The windows were unlit and she tried the knocker on the door to no response. Taking a chance she tried the handle and the door creaked open. She entered and nearly choked on the waft of stale air. Clearly the house had not been occupied in a long time. Karen reached for the torch in her rucksack and switched it on. The beam picked up the an abandoned and messy room, the place was think with dust, cobwebs and mould was growing thickly on the walls. Still at least she was out of the rain. She made her way across the room, the floorboards creaked as she walked. She came across an ornate bannister which would look amazing if restored, she wandered why the house wasn’t on the restoration list. As she ran her hand across the bannister she felt a nip on her finger and drew it back, a small trickle of blood was running from a wound on her finger. She briefly sucked it and then remembered that Spider web could act as a coagulant and rubbed some around her finger. She walked up the stairs, unaware that the web on the bannister seemed to me crawling towards the speckles of blood.

She had explored the house for an hour and found a relatively clean room and rested. She’d stay here until the rain stopped at least. She poured herself tea from her thermos and listened. Typically the house groaned like it was a house in a horror movie. She laughed and then gasped. Her hand was now covered in streaky off coloured cobweb.

Your Daily Prompt Cobweb

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