The Costumed Man

In all my life I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have made a Jack O’ Lantern. Halloween has never really been a big thing for me so doing a Jack O’ Lantern has never been an event. I did one for a Halloween party when I was about 11 or 12 but other then that I think it has been on strictly work based requirement.

At the Horseshoes we’d be a “Spooks Night” where the staff and customers would dress up, we’d decorate the pub and pop jack o’ lanterns on the bar and we’d have a disco later on.

We a Halloween theme for a Beer festival at the Kynnersley Arms too, with a few lanterns on the bar and various Halloween themed beers such as Thwaites Handsome Devil, Robinsons (I think) Pumpkin Spice Bitter and the commonly seen beer Hobgoblin which came with a special Halloween theme pump clip.


I think my favourite Halloween night was when Mary and I went to the Halloween night at Blist’s Hill Victorian Town in 2011. I went in my Jack the Ripper costume, I am not sure what Mary went as- I would say a witch but I am not sure, possibly a vamp. Anyway the stalls were set up to give a spooky atmosphere and some old fashioned stage tricks were used such as Pepper’s Ghost in order to drive the spook factor up. The evening finished with a fire work display over the Canal which was bizarrely set to “Dry Bones”, odd choice I thought but I guess it could be deemed period as opposed to say something like Monster Mash or the theme from Ghostbusters.

I hope to go to another one of their Halloween dos, I am fairly certain it is something Heather would be up for and she loves cosplay/fancy dress.

In response to the Your Daily Word Prompt: Lantern


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