The Centre of Terror

The facade was reasonably convincing, at least from a far, up close the gloss on the plastic spooky trees revealed their tackiness. The mock gothic paintwork was fading too but it declare itself to be the oldest functioning Ghost Train in the country and boldly declaring it was opened in 1932 by Boris Karloff.

“Step right up ladies and gentlemen,” boasted the proprietor. “Dare you face the horrors with in?” He continued. He singled out a bored looking man a brown suit. “You sir, have you the courage to stare terror in the face?” The man shrugged and walked on, the proprietor was not beaten yet. He singled out a young couple. “Think your love is true, find out by plunging yourself into darkness and taking on the very demons of hell.” The couple exchanged glances and smiled, they approached the kiosk and purchased two tickets. The proprietor guided them to a small green cart and set them off.

He returned to addressing the crowd, “now do you have the courage to follow these good people as they go into the very centre of terror!!!” A few more patrons made their way to the kiosk and three more carts were filled. As the first cart made its way through the ride entrance at the back of the track, the green cart emerged, the seats unoccupied save for a handbag and an umbrella.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge (Anglesised version): Centre


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