The Man on the Slab.

Dr Webster looked at the cadaver on the table and wrote his notes.

“Subject has been decapitated by a blade with a serrated edge, a hacksaw probably. Subject is male, Caucasian and between 25 and 30 years old.”

The Corporal stood behind him watching his technique and observations.

“The lack of facilities available have prevented me from a full autopsy and as such I am unable to establish a cause of death.”

The Corporal sniggered, “did you get your medical certificate from a cornflakes competition?”

Dr Webster turned and raised an eyebrow, “pry tell me. What was the cause of death then?”

“It’s ruddy obvious isn’t it. Someone. Cut. His. Head. Off.”

The doctor smiled, “yes they did. A+ for observation there. But deducted to B- as you have leapt to a conclusion based purely on the condition of the corpse.”

“What do you mean?”

“I said his head was sawn off, do you really think he wouldn’t try to resist? Plus, the amount of bloody at the crime scene doesn’t reflect a pumping heart. Essentially, his body was beheaded afterwards.”


“Probably to cloud the issue of the murder.” He said morbidly. “But it also means some one had the time to do this… While we are in lockdown in a safehouse. Either our security is comprised from outside… Or one of us is a psychopath.”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Dead

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