3TC: Trick or Treat

It was just another Halloween in Lower Storpington, no frills or fuss, just a few parties and the street decorations going up. This year however the new vicar, Mr Magister, had filed an objection to the street decorations and had attempted to issue a curfew of 10pm for any social gatherings whether they be in a Public location or a private residence. The curfew had been over turned by the local council but the street decorations has not been so lucky as the argument of the cost of the clean up the next day was heavily favoured in his argument.

The main party of the evening a private affair at Midnight Manor, a place which the new vicar was not welcome and his influence could reach and nor at the various properties owned by the Midnight estate. The local pub was hosting a Halloween themed night with  special Halloween themed menus and cocktail lists for young and old alike. It was with this in mind that the vicar got the idea for his plan. He persuaded the verger to sneak in during set up add a special solution to the children’s Halloween punch, “imagine how we can close these events down if it is discovered that they are supplying the local children with alcohol.” He purred with great pleasure.

The verger made his way into the pub and looked at the two bowls, “Witches Brew: For Adults Only” and “Goblin’s Grogg: Suitable for all.” He checked no one was watching and poured several miniatures of Vodka into the Goblin’s Grogg and then went to the bar to order a pint and not appear suspicious in his presence. He down the drink and left quickly. The bar looked at the Halloween punch display and attracted the attention of the bar maid. “Amy hun,” he called, “You’ve labelled the punches the wrong way round.”

“Ah shit,” laughed Amy. “That could have been an interesting night.”

The verger returned to the vicarage and was greeted by Mr. Magister who was his way out to perform his nightly sermon. “It is done,” said the verger. Magister nodded in approval and went on his way. The verger returned to the pub and was greeted by Lady Midnight’s ward Krissy who was dressed in a sexy witch outfit, she pulled him a pint of his usual bitter and chatted briefly about the day so far. The verger listened patiently, he was very fond of the girl and found delight in even the most mundane things of her day. She moved on to serve some other customers and he idly started looking through Facebook on iPhone. Someone had tagged his pal Richard in a photo from the party at Midnight Manor, he was putting his arm around a pretty blonde girl who was also in a sexy witch much like Krissy’s only minus the skirt. She had blonde hair, a cheerful smile and big eyes… the verger attracted the attention of Krissy and order another pint. He started chatting and quickly looked at his phone. He choked on his beer and went a bit pale. “What’s the matter?” asked Krissy. “You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.”


This was written as part of the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge: the three things today are Halloween, Ghosts, and Goblins. They are marked by italic bold type upon their first use.


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