Please to Remember…

Bonfire night is a funny one for me. Many people of my age have fond memories of visiting big Firework displays and the assorted fun fairs which went with them. I can remember only going to one big public one in my childhood and I can’t recall the exact circumstances why we went and why we didn’t go again. Possibly I played up or got spooked as I would only have been about 6. I recall some of the display, principally one of those phased display boards which depicted a pyrotechnic Duck laying an egg, some colourful fireworks in the sky and watching one of those rides which pins you to the wall with centrifugal force.

After that we didn’t do public displays but went to a family friends firework party. It was done in the back garden and one rocket or firework at a time. No Bonfire though, but it was fun. We did until the eldest kid was deemed to old and we went to a small public one run by the vicar of their Holy Trinity Church.

I stopped with Bonfires and Firework displays in my teens as one momentarily wants to put away the innocent delightful charms of childhood.

Work commitments prevent me going now, but perhaps one day I will be able to attend a bonfire party once more.

Word of the Day Challenge: Bonfire


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