Arthur dusted himself off and picked up the charred remains of his costume, it’d had been fun being in fancy dress- he’d forgotten the joy of it. Occasionally the Job threw up these little forgotten perks and he was thankful for it. Sevenpenny had slipped her Red Riding Hood cloak around a shivering guest. She looked at the manor house behind her and then at Arthur a little sadly, the fire service had been effecticent but the blaze left part of the house exposed like an open wound. He involuntarily smiled at her, before adopting a more somber expression.

Inspector Parton and Wiggins were escorting lady Midnight to the open car. “There’s no need for handcuffs,” she protested as they sat her in the back.

Arthur made eye contact with her before shaking his head and turning away and walked off into the fog shrouded grounds.

“Don’t feel too bad,” said a familiar voice. “She fooled me too.” Arthur looked in the direction of the voice and was surprised to see Krissy, still clad in her witch costume, emerge from behind a hedge.

“Why didn’t you go with Gervais?” Asked Arthur. “He was as much of pawn as us. He was required thanks to his reputation.”

“Martinique Minister for real ale?” She asked puzzled.

Arthur regarded her, did she really not know about Gervais? It didn’t really matter though, it was over. Krissy shivered, the elements getting to her exposed limbs. Arthur took off his coat and hung it around her shoulders.

“My car is the green Sierra at the gate,” he said handing her the key. “There’s a jumper in there which will probably fit you ”

“Thank you,” she said softly. Wrapped her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and disappeared up the drive.

“How am I going to make a report on this?” He rhetorically asked outloud. He lit cigarette and followed Krissy up the drive.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Over

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