Share Your World 5th November 2018

Is there one post on your site that is really special to you?  (credit for this one goes to CrushedCaramel )

On the whole I don’t think I have an overly special post, although out of terms of likes it would appear You’re Driving Me Crazy

was a very popular post. It seems the secret to likes is…. well for those you haven’t read it *spoilers*

How Do You Deal With Negative People?  (Athling2001 gets credit for this one)

In what context do you mean negative? If it is permanent moaners I tend to ignore them and blank them out. I don’t mean cynical people, that’s a whole different kettle of fish, I mean people who moan for the sake of moaning.

What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake In The Morning?

Can I grab a few minutes more in bed or do I need to get going?

What small thing happened today (or in the past few days) that you were grateful for?   

I think it was Izzy (Heather’s timid little dog) crawling up my leg to sit on my lap. I think that settled me in as one of the pack… or Izzy has just figured the other dog doesn’t go near me and she will be left alone.



Share Your World



One thought on “Share Your World 5th November 2018

  1. Thanks for Sharing Your World…and I hadn’t considered the shades of gray in the word “negative”. To ME? Negative is as you describe it: people who moan for the sake of moaning. If you gave them a gold bar, they’d only bitch about how heavy it was and that sort of thing. Those sort of folks seem to almost poison the air around them. IMHO. And kudos on the timid doggie deciding you were a safe place. Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂


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