Winter is Coming

The clocks in Blighty went back last Sunday and with a distinct change in the weather and atmosphere. Last Sunday, like this Sunday, I wasn’t working as I had booked it off to see bands at Jazz Club 90, last week it was Washington Whirligig which was very much in the Chicagoan tradition and this week Second Line Jazz Band who are a youthful modern swing and funk band, who have a new(ish) line up. Both gigs were very different and very good in different ways.

For Second Line Jazz I was accompanied by Heather who in an attempt to blend in with the average age of the audience did some sewing.

It’s been a busy week at work with coach parties and rotary and a lesson in flower arranging, it’s all go at the Down.

Friday during the day Heather and I went to Blists Hill and had a nice few hours wandering around. In the evening we went to Ryan’s wedding party and after I received a warm welcome it was soon apparent that booze had flown like water. Heather was getting a little stressed and edgy as they got louder as she currently has anxiety issues. Anyway, made our apologies and departed, grabbing Tea at the Horseshoes. It was like a ghost town no doubt because the outside lights were not on. Not a good advert, I wonder if Ian Yates is back in charge. Food was nice though, but proved how good value for money the Down Inn is.

In other news, after finishing work last night I was shocked to learn that modern Jazz Trumpet player Roy Hargrove has died at the age of 49. That is no age at all and while I don’t own many of his albums I am well aware of his place in the contemporary scene. It is sad to think that I have an album which was by him, Herbie Hancock and Michael Brecker recorded around 2002 (I think) and that out of the three, the oldest man is the one still alive.

So to lighten the tone, here are some pictures from the Blackpool Tower Dungeon.



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