20ish Questions

  • what’s the most dangerous situation you have ever been in? I would probably say being in a plane in very heavy turbulence
  • what’s your favourite culture? Communist Russia, though it’s probably fairer to say I find it the most interesting
  • what do you dislike about your own culture? Self, self,self in unison with the obsession of gaslighting and being critical of everyone else.
  • your favourite type of travel? Boat
  • do you feel understood? No
  • how do you feel about your body? Wearing a bit thin
  • what is your favourite film? Citizen Kane
  • are you adventurous with food? A little
  • have you ever hated a place and wanted to come home? Bangor, and school in general
  • are you bothered about others seeing you naked? Not too fussed, I have appeared naked on stage before and have a couple of ‘naughty photos’
  • Are you a good loser? Fair
  • what was the favourite time of your life? my 20s
  • Do you have a close family connection? Not really
  • can you speak another language? A bit of French
  • will Trump be in for another term? Sadly I think he will
  • what are your thoughts on English people? We are awesome 😂
  • was life better without mobile phones? No
  • what has been the biggest change in your life? having a car
  • is climate change real? yes
  • why do you like answering questions? It allows you to analyse yourself

Thanks to Melanie for the questions

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