Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Video

In response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Video (just in case you missed that in the title)

When I was about 6 my Dad purchased our first VHS video recorder (our first video recorder was a Betamax but that was stolen when we got burgled) and this opened up the field of being able to buy and rent a lot more videos. Well one day while shopping in Gateway there was a small video stand and in their number were two Doctor Who videos: An Unearthly Child and the Mind Robber. I can’t recall how I managed to persuade Mum to buy me a video (they were quite expensive at the time) but I did and I wanted the Mind Robber. For reasons unknown to me Mum decided we go to WHSmith’s because they’d have a greater selection of videos and after a lot of debating Mum narrowed the choice down to two videos, both of which were stories with the Daleks. They were Death to the Daleks and Day of the Daleks both starring Jon Pertwee, we eventually settled on Death to the Daleks and I must have watched it to death (pardon the pun). It was my first encounter with a previous Doctor and it was for a number of years my only Doctor Who video. My next one was a birthday present from Aunty Jan and was The Five Doctors and I subsequently followed that up with The Three Doctors with my birthday money. Soon I would visit Smith’s every fortnight to see if a new Doctor Who video had been released, release schedules not something I was familiar with. Eventually my Dad put me on a ban from buying videos because that was all I spent my money on, but it was only temporary.

Of course they are obsolete now but there is one video I will keep hold of: Spearhead from Space because I had the cover signed by the Doctor himself, Jon Pertwee.

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