Do You Belong?

In response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Belong

“Human beings aren’t sheep, but they’d like to be.”- Doctor Who: Ground Zero

Now I don’t believe that quote from the villain of that comic strip but I can see why people might think it right. There is, certainly in younger days, a need to belong seems important and people tend to follow trends (or try to) in order to feel part of the group and belong to the herd.

So when you were growing up, did you belong to one of the big social groups or were you in one of the niche groups? Or… were you a floater who didn’t really belong at all?

3 thoughts on “Do You Belong?

  1. In high school I was the only horror-loving head banger. When someone would ask if I needed my walkman up that loud, I would turn it up louder (yeah, I was a smart ass too). My son is the complete opposite. His personality melds into whichever group he’s with but usually hangs out with the orchestra, gaming, anime kids (and the honors/IB kids).


  2. I have never been a “joiner.” It’s not so much that I’m a loner or that I don’t feel that I belong as it is that I tend to not “go with the flow.” I’d rather do my own thing than do what others believe the thing to be.

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