The Sandman’s Q and A

Here are three questions for you. You can answer either in the comments or by creating a pingback to a post of your own.

Have you ever stayed at a hotel in your current city/town/village of residence?

When you visit someone, do you stay with them or in a hotel?

When someone visits you, do you like to have them stay with you or in a hotel?

My answers:

I have, but only for professional reasons such as being the onsite manager while the gaffer is away, or as was the case before Christmas impending snowfall potentially being an issue so staying put at the Plume of Feathers was more a bargain of necessity.

I normally stay at a hotel as often my friends don’t have spare rooms, or my presence might raise awkward questions (re: Sian)

Normally if it is just a single person, such as when Amy visited, I will have them stay at my home and I will take up residence on the Z-bed in the living room. Had Sian came down to visit she would have had to stay in a hotel as my home does not have facilities for a girl as seriously disabled as her to reside, even for a night.

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