3TC: Interview

Vicky got her handbag and popped on a rain coat. Why the cloak and dagger stuff of disguising the voice? She wondered why Andy was going to all this effort, she was the head teacher of a school for crying out loud. Perhaps someone was really pissed about their child’s grades. She left the house humming a song she had heard on the radio earlier in the day.

Arthur had caught up with Andy thanks to a few snouts he had paid to keep an eye, and managed to tail him successfully, it was odd that Andy was acting as if he was expecting to be followed, was he being used as a Judas goat? Or was Andy merely covering his tracks in case of Police observation? Andy reached a small block of offices and buzzed entry. A few minutes later Arthur examined the door. There were three businesses listed, GORDON JACKSON LTD, WORMDOOM INC, ECLECTIC VINTAGE. Arthur was frowned, this wasn’t what he was expecting at all. He googled the names, they all seemed legit. He smiled at a poster on a nearby bus-stop for a fortune teller, MADAM WAGNER- the past explained, the future foretold, the present apologized for. “I know the feeling,” he muttered under his breath.

Vicky arrived at the Wimpy Bar, there was no sign of Andy yet. She ordered a burger and took a table. A minute later her phoned buzzed, it was a text from an anonymous number. WAIT HERE FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS. IF YOU LEAVE, THIS GOES ON FACEBOOK

Andy sat on the office chair and waited, why had they bought him here? At the far end of the office a light came on and a distorted voice sounded through the speaker.

“Contact has been made with the Headmistress, if you follow instructions your documents will be destroyed.”

“Why do you need me now?” Asked Andy.

“We cannot be seen to be involved,” answered the voice.

“Why are..’

“That does not concern you. These are your instructions.”

“Why does a teacher in unbridled passion on video warrant so much attention?”

The light went out and Andy’s phone pinged with a message. THESE ARE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS

In response to The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge: Future, Song, Unbridled

And continuing the story started here

Read the previous part here

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