3TC: Fury from the Deep

“Where have you bought us?” Asked Liz.

“We are Lake Coniston, I thought we could do some nocturnal sailing,” answered Dr Webster.

“Coniston? Isn’t that where Swallows and Amazons was set?”

“Top of the class,” answered Dr Webster. “We are also going to be doing on a nocturnal tour on the steamboat Gondola.”

“That’s very nice,” answered Liz, “but I recognized the handwriting on the envelope. So you better tell me, hell hath no fury and all that jazz.”

“We will be taking some sonar readings to assess at what depth a suspected bathyscape is operating.”

“A what?”

“A sort of diving bell,” answered Dr Webster. “At fall of darkness there are some very strange signals being picked up.”

“What do you think it is?”

“No idea, but it’s creating all-sorts of reactions with the local fauna and marine life.”

In response to the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge. Today’s Words are Darkness, Depth and Fury

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