Vicky was growing tired of waiting now, was Andy going to turn up? Was a third party going to arrive? Message on the phone?

The Wimpy Bar was now beginning to empty and the staff were beginning to clean up, soon she would be forced out and what then? Would they follow through and put her tits on social media? The train of thought was interrupted by a call from a withheld number. She answered the call, the computer distorted voice replied and issued her instructions.

Arthur had decided to abandon his vigil on the building, chances were that Andy would leave via another entrance and heaven knows when he’d finish doing whatever it was he was doing. He knew Andy’s address, perhaps he could find out more about him and he’d get a clue as to what was going on and the nature of his involvement. The tea room was an obvious start as he had said he was a regular and he looked to have banter with the staff. He set off back to town.

Andy emerged from the office drenched with perspiration, he headed straight for the bus stop and hopped on the next bus, he didn’t really think about the destination.

“You okay bud?” Asked a fellow passenger. “Look a bit groggy.’

“Had a tough day at work,” Andy answered.

“Looks it,” replied the passenger. He offered forward a paper bag, “have a gobstopper.”

“Thanks,” replied Andy and picked out a sweet.

“Oh my stop,” said the passenger and rang the bell. “Look after yourself, don’t let the management push you too far.”

Vicky arrived at her destination, she had to ring the bell for Gordon Jackson Ltd. She rang the buzzer and was admitted. The receptionist directed her to the correct office. She knocked on the door and was invited in. A short dark haired man was stood looking out of the office window.

“Glad you made it,” he said. “It’s nice to see you in the actual flesh.” He turned, most of his face was obscured by a large pair of sunglasses. “You have the document we requested?”

“I have,” she said and produced a brown envelope.

“Put it on the desk,” he instructed. She did so and he picked it up scanned the contents.

“Very good,” replied the man. “That’s phase one completed. Return home and await further instructions.”

Andy arrived at his destination, his instructions were clear, sabotage the alarm systems and return and smash up the door. Why attack a school? He pulled a stocking mask from his pocket and slipped on a pair of gloves.

Continuing on from Interview

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