3TC: Aftermath

The battle was over. The battlefield was filled with burnt out remains of ships from both sides. Bodies of the deceased were being collected by the various armies and regiments.

“We took the fight to them,” said Commander Shore, “and we won.”

“Won what exactly?” Asked Genna, “the economy was stretched to breaking point, half the galaxy is in disarray.”

“…and we will help out the new territories,” said Commander Shore. “When the ALSS establishes law here they will have freedom.”

“Well I hope our new Prime Minister is up to the stress of peacetime and rebuilding the rim.”

“She’ll be fine,” replied Commander Shore, “after all we have Faith as our figure head.”

Genna sighed, “ah yes, that was some clever propaganda on her behalf. Literally playing on her name.”

In response to the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three thing Challenge: Faith, Fight, Freedom.

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