FOWC: The After-party

The term ‘Food Coma’ is a term which is going to used a lot soon. I first heard it when talking to Andrea many moons ago when she pretty much described Thanksgiving and Christmas Day as days in which she and her family ate themselves into “Food Comas”. Now my immediate assumption was that who ever cooked the Turkey was very bad at it and they ended up with a double dose of seasonal food poisoning. No, it is merely that the indulgence was so great it rendered everyone for the need to vegetate in front of the goggle box and gradually fall asleep.

Now in my house hold this seldom happens at Christmas, partially because during the day I am usually away pulling pints and serving Christmas dinner at which ever pub I am working at.

Going out for Christmas Day Dinner is a good way to avoid the problems of over indulgence and equally splits up the day as it usually ends with gathering around the Google box regardless, but the break up of the day helps a bit. Personally it is working I see as the best option to operate a easy going Christmas Day.

In response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Coma

One thought on “FOWC: The After-party

  1. i agree that going out is a great way to control indulgence… which is part of the reason i always change my mind about going out. i don’t want to do all the dressup to dine alone and then not have leftovers!!


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