Time and Time Melt the Snowman

Sorry for the lack of actual updates, it’s nothing sinister just not real urge to write anything. Things are going ok at home. Heather is good and we’ve had some nice days out and now we are at the inevitable point of trying to find out what each other would like for Christmas… The truth is I haven’t a clue.

Talking of Christmas, at work the function room is decorated fully for Christmas parties and yesterday the Christmas lights were put up outside. As of yet, the main bar is still tinsel free thank gawd.

Thursday I went up to Manchester to see Madeline Peyroux at the Manchester University of Music and it was a very good gig. I purchased a signed copy of her new Album afterwards and went out for a pint. I went to a bar called the Sandbox and it was weird as they didn’t accept cash, only card, apple and Android pay and Bitcoin. Thinking that odd I went to a more traditional booxer serving Moorland Ales which were nice. However it was Karaoke night… My poor ears.
I did wonder about paying a visit to a certain wheelchair based person, but she never responded to my messages.

On the way back I went to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, which was visually impressive but the storyline needed working on.

The Cock Hotel looks as if it is finally on the point of handover as the stocks are being run down and two of the right hand pulls were off with no intent on being replaced.

I’m off tomorrow and depending when Heather’s Doctor’s appointment is I might go and see the new Robin Hood movie.

Hopefully I will be seeing a Jimmy Smith tribute band next Sunday night.

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