“If you don’t like (something) just leave.”

Hands up if you have had that statement or a variation of thrown at you?

It’s not always that simple to leave though is it.

When at (secondary) School I tried to leave on at least three separate occasions for various reasons I won’t go into now, but my request fell on deaf ears. I took issues to various things the school insisted on and when I complained I was given that Mantra. So once I did. I said “toodly bye” and made a bolt for the exit, only to be wrestled to the floor by two teachers and three students. “When asked ‘what were you doing?’ I answered, “you said if I didn’t like it leave. So I was leaving.”

Leaving in the employment world is again a bit tricky, and I have a distinct feeling that certain employers deliberately make it difficult for people to move on. I know one guy who refused to give references because it was ‘against company policy’ but I know that was b.s.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Leave

3 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Way back when, during the height of the Vietnam War, I was a protest against the way. The counter protesters used to carry signs saying “America: Love It or Leave It.” I hated that sign and the message it was sending. I feel the same way every time I see a red MAGA hat.

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  2. my former coworker turned in her 2 wk notice with last day of Tue Dec 4 and HR told her “we don’t accept mid-week resignations.” I’m certain that’s illegal but if she didn’t cooperate (moved term date to Fri) then they could have terminated her early, which would have screwed up her insurance coverage.

    My brother/friend in HS walked out, and never returned, after a teacher suggested it.

    I often consider “leaving” my life for another but I’ve committed to caring for my cats and moving to another country is contrary to that commitment.


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