3TC: Bandstand

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen, that number was called Softly as in a Morning Sunrise”, the band leader said calmly. “Our next number is a feature piece for our new Saxophonist who like our previous sax player resides on the other side of the pond, but unlike Teresa, Kayla here comes from Canada.”

Teresa walked to the centre of the stage and lifted the tenor Sax from the stage, switched the mouth piece and cued in the band who launched into the number. The band leader exited stage left and took a sip from the brandy which had been disguise as a glass of milk and watched. The venue manager stood next to him and watched the performance.

“So when will Teresa return to the frontline?” he asked.

“I doubt she ever will, not why I am running the show anyhow.”

“Oh why is that?”

“I thought she was making a past at me,” answered the leader. “I was wrong.”

“I see,” answered the manager taking a bite from a Muffin. “She’s good this girl.”

“Yeah, I decided that to avoid any legal issues I wouldn’t replace Teresa but rejig the line up so I am now principal alto player and I upped Kayla from the piano to be permanent lead Tenor and got a piano player.”

“Seems complicated.”

“It’s easier in the long run.”

The band reached the end of the number and Kayla spoke to the audience, “thank you, that was my own composition and was called Lemon Curd.” She smiled a little, “the next number is again about something good to eat; Fried Bananas.”

In response to the Haunted Wordsmith’s Three Things Challenge. Sunrise, Lemon Curd, Muffin

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