The Sandman’s Q and A 30-11-18

A bit of a change of tack here.

Ask me any three questions you want and I’ll answer them. The best questions I will put in a summary post later on.


3 thoughts on “The Sandman’s Q and A 30-11-18

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  2. Okay, I’ll come up with a question or two..don’t know that I can come up with three of them though.

    1. Who is your choice for the best jazz singer or musician of all time?
    2. How did you get interested in jazz – given your age, or what I presume your age to be – so many of your generation don’t appreciate the music. And maybe I’m generalizing again.
    3. How/why did you start blogging?

    Huh. I did think of three. Now as to the quality of them? Well…


    • 1. That’s an interesting question, to I am noticing really sure you can define a best as such. As what criteria do you set? I could name a few musicians who are technically superior in terms of mastery of their instruments but in terms of feeling…
      So for singers I will go for Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. Musicians John Coltrane, Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong. Composition Duke Ellington.

      2. I think it has always been there. But I think it first connected with me as a genre to look into was on a holiday to Italy in which there was lots of coach travel and as such I spent a lot of time listening to my Walkman and I would listen to talking books and comedy including the Goon Show. The Goon Show had a musical interlude with the Ray Ellington Quartet and that sparked my interest. It was Blue Train by John Coltrane which really cemented it for me though.

      How old do you think I am?

      3. It was something which started from a want to write a diary, I started out on Livejournal and wrote entries week after week. Then some personal shit happened and I disappeared from the blogsphere for about 4 years. But the urge to write resurfaced and I then wanted to move on from just diary summaries to more. It was also a need/want to practice developing my prose style.


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