The Festive Season Cometh

It’s been a busy few weeks and as Yuletide approaches there has been a big change in the drinking habits of the Sandman, namely that aside from days off I am on the wagon and not having my after work pint, this is partially because I tend to finish late and at this time of year there are number of idiots who treat the festive season as a month long piss-up and I feel I need to be as alert as I can be after a long shift.
I have started my festive reading with the aptly titled “The Santa Klaus Murder” (sic), it is part of the British Library Crime Classics series and looks rather good as each chapter is told from the PoV of each of the characters.



Sunday was a rarity in that I had the day off, so naturally Jazz and the Cinema beckoned. I was debating going to the lunchtime gig at Jazz Club 90 and settling for a nice long lie but the need to support Live Jazz was greater than my need to lounge around in bed, comfy as it might have been. The band was the Apex Jazz and Blues Band lead by Robin Mason and it was a good mix of Dixieland, Swing and a bit of bop as well. Following the gig I went to the Severn Gorge for lunch and the gods the Carvery was so bad I thought Ian Yates was in charge. They had ran out of beef despite serving until 8pm and there was a choice of five vegetables including two types of potato. Maybe at the Down we spoil people with our wide range of veg and enough meat to last all service but as a punter that wasn’t good enough. Anyway after a rushed lunch I went to see the new Robin Hood movie: it wasn’t great. The dialogue seems to have been written based on pissheads in a kebab shop at the end of a night out looking for a fight and historical accuracy went far from creative necessity to “can’t be arsed”, There were a few good things such as the humorously pathetic but not really Friar Tuck and making Marion a protagonist rather than a screaming heroine. However it never sat quite right and all I can think is that the director wanted to make a medieval action movie and could only find the funding if pitched as Robin Hood.

Heather is suffering with her back and I think it’s playing her anxiety issues up as she doesn’t want me to visit until she is fully recovered. She doesn’t like being ill and feels vulnerable I think and the disruption to her routine stresses her out.

I recently listening to two Big Finish Doctor Who stories: A Death in the Family and Project: Destiny both starring Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor. Both are very good despite me listening to then in the wrong order (Death in the Family continues directly on from Project: Destiny). A Death in the Family is retrospectively sad because it features the last chronological appearance of audio companion Evelyn Smythe. I say sad because although she reprised the character in stories set earlier in the characters timeline it is a final outing for her character and Maggie Stables who played Evelyn died a couple of years ago.

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