Daily Writing Challenge 8th December

Jubilation was rife in the air!

Family’s were out in force filling the central square, traders had set up stalls and Roasted Chestnuts, Mulled Wine, Beer and wooden toys were on sale. Those without children were linger near the beer tents and quaffing back tankards of beer and indulging in salty snacks. Slowly the Christmas lights began to illuminate the town and the festive spirit began in earnest, but the seasonal jollity was mask hiding a dark shadow for somewhere among the crowd was a murderer. The first murder had taken place on the first Sunday of advent, young Joe Pipkins had been found strangled by the pond and his facial features glazed over with icing, the next murder had been the following Sunday and a young student had seemingly been bludgeoned to death in her accommodation. At first the deaths hadn’t been connected for the student had chosen to support her tuition in an unorthodox method of employment and she was the unfortunate victim of an aggressive client. It was only once an autopsy had take place that it was discovered that her actual cause of death had been due to poisoning a set of iced mince pies.

“Evening news,” called a paperboy, “the Gingerbread Boy claims third victim.” People made their way to the young boy to read the latest news on the local killer.

In the local police station Chief Inspector MacDonald was not happy as he scanned the paper. “How hell did they get on  to it so quick?” he demanded angrily at the desk sergeant. “And what the hell is with this gingerbread boy malarkey?”

“It would appear that the press has picked up on the confectionary aspects of the murders,” replied the desk sergeant feebly. “The latest victim appears to have been chocked and then decorated with Candy Canes.”

MacDonald shook his head in despair, “so we have a lunatic on our hands. If the press keeps getting wind of this our town is going to have a catastrophe fall upon it.” He patted drummed his fingers against one another. He turned to a WPC, “Denise get Splash Kirby on the phone, lets at least set up an official press point. And when you have done that get onto the Yard and get in touch with Chief Inspector Coutts, tell him I want that detective chap her by the morning.”


In response to the Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Challenge. The challenge words were Gingerbread, Town, Catastrophe.



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