FOWC: The Notebook

As a creative person it would seem I have a few traits with Ernest Hemingway. No, I don’t have a desire to go on Safari in Africa and shoot the animals (unless it’s with a camera of course) or an obsession with Bullfighting. No, I share a similar habit of sitting in licensed premises and watching and observing while working on various works. In his sort-of memoir “A Moveable Feast” he tells of sitting at French cafes and getting pissed on drinking read wine to stimulate his muse. He talks alot about having a good knife to sharpen his pencils so he could do his writing. Now I don’t use pencils, I favour pen and ink for jotting ideas down. I usually have at least two pens on my person, usually of different colours having picked up the habit of annotating my writing like a school teacher. It also helps show my working process, occasionally I will write in sequencial states in alternating colours in order to prompt development like bouncing off a sparring partner.

Like Hemingway I will often have a drink near by, unlike Hemingway it tends to be a low strength beer, I don’t do one: it’s just grape juice that burns! Also Red Wine has the unfortunate side effects of making me cocky and getting my sap rising. After losing a dear friend as consequence I vowed never to drink red wine again.

It’s not just fiction of course. I keep holiday journals and if possible record details of various gigs I go to, hence why my gif posts are usually fairly detailed. My Upton upon Severn Jazz Festival diaries for the last two years will stem from fairly detailed notes made during the gigs and additions from the official programme.

In response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Pencil

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