Questions 10th December

  1. What is your favourite number? 146 for reasons I will not divulge. I wonder how many people were tempted to answer ’69’
  2. Standing at a buffet with an empty plate and bowl, what do you fill it with? Food from the buffet of course… What type of buffet is it? If it is a place like Four Corners I will probably focus on Indian and Chinese food.
  3. What smell do you associate with December? Mulled Wine simmering in a pot.
  4. What literary character would be your significant other? George from Famous Five I guess, it’d have to be a strong independent woman.
  5. What book are you looking forward to reading next year? The Revenant Express by George Mann- the long-awaited and much delayed fifth novel in the Newbury and Hobbes series. 
  6. Which Star Trek character are you? Original Series or The Next Generation? TOS: Probably Dr “Bones” McCoy. TNG: Q
  7. What is your favourite cracker? A Christmas Cracker. No, not the sort you pull but a seasonal beer by the Wood’s Brewery which has a strong hint of Mince Pie and Christmas Pudding about it.
  8. Would you rather:
    1. eat raw fish or eat raw beef- fish, there are several types of fish perfectly fine to each raw
    2. paint a picture or take a picture- take a picture, drawing one of quality takes waaaaaayyyy to much time for me
    3. read a book or watch a movie depends on my mood
    4. go to bed early or get up early Go to bed early
    5. visit New York City or visit Las Vegas Visit New York City, I have already been to Vegas. Twice. I found Vegas to be very tacky in many ways and gambling holds no interest for me,

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