RDP: Those Were the Days

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Halcyon

At 35 years of age I am probably still too young to talk of “the halcyon days of youth” and have that misty-eyed look of nostalgia about myself. I have a feeling the period I will joyfully refer to will be my early 20s up until about 30 and this could be paralled by Jazz Club 90 being hosted at the Harp in Albrighton. under the watch of Terry (rest his soul) and after his untimely death under the watch of his daughter Donna and son in law “Wink”, I genuinely don’t recall his actual name or if I ever knew it to begin with.

Jazz certainly was not popular in my social circles and the delight of going to see the bands and talk to like minded individuals, albeit a lot older then myself, was a joy. Of course as the age range was older a number of my fellow jazzers passed away: Graham, “the boys” Frank and Derek, Frank Pardoe, Allen. Time catches up with all of us I guess and as some of the old faithful bands died off so did some of the spirit and it seemed to reflect the changes in my life. Still to this day I miss going to see the bands on a Tuesday night and it is a shame no where has taken on the club on a Tuesday night.

Some of the bands from over the years

Now while the Sunday Sessions continue at Albrighton Sports and Social Club it is no longer a fixture of my week thanks to work commitments and while in terms of presentation of the bands the club benefits as it has a stage and greater capacity I feel it lacks the close intimacy of fellow audience members and loses a sense of community spirit.

It’s probably to late to write that biography of the club I intended to write… I suppose a personal memoir recalling those Halcyon days if yore could crop up in the future.

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