Embarrassing Moments #1

Partially in response to a post by the Crushed Caramel

It was after the second performance of the play “Murder in the Manor”, the (first) play in which I did a full frontal nude scene, and I was in the bar having a drink. While doing the play I had noticed that my former English teacher whom shall be referred to as Mrs A, was in the front row of the audience. Now I was hoping she hadn’t recognized me but she entered the bar and after ordering a drink spotted me hiding away in my booth and passed over to me. Now we exchanged pleasantries and general chit chat and she asked me about the play and er how it felt baring all to an audience. So I filled her in on a brief history of my stage career to date and how this was my first major role as well getting naked. Then I decided to ask what she thought of the play, but the term I used was “so what did you think?”. She blushed somewhat at this moment looked around and leant forward and whispered something. A moment later she blushed at my befuddled reaction and went “oh you meant the play.’

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