Please Mind the Gap

Christmas Day has been and gone and now I am stuck in that weird Limbo period before New Year and everything can go back to normal, well for however normal lasts until the UK disintegrates under the fall out from Brexit, still least we don’t have Trumpty-Dumpty… yet.

It’s been a mixed affair at in this interim period with a lot of party bookings to tick us over but not a whole lot else, I think everyone has fooded themselves out over Yuletide, I know I have to a certain degree. Over Christmas Nan has been staying over and as such I have been sleeping on the Z-Bed in the Living Room for a few nights, which is not the comfiest of places to rest my head after a long days but is adequate enough for the short term, even if I am stiffer then a Nutcracker Soldier in the morning. Unfortunately the clock chimes in every quarter of an hour which has been…. delightful. Still it has only been a short affair so I shouldn’t moan, plus Nan will be 94 next year so I should just be thankful she is still about. The other down side is that I don’t get to go to bed until everyone is finished in the living room which has proved to be exhausting. However I have kept myself chipper and proved myself to be a fully mature and grown up man by watching some movies on my laptop namely: The Muppet Christmas Carol, The LEGO Batman Movie and Toy Story.

Of course this Christmas has been a little different to most of the recent ones as I now have Heather and that has made the season more interesting. Christmas Eve I was off and so we spent the evening together, had dinner with Mum and Dad, and then we retired and watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation which features a young Leonard from Big Bang Theory. It’s fairly good but some of the jokes are a bit forced and it can’t quite make up its mind if it wants to be a family film or something more edgy. We exchanged our gifts and decided to open them on Christmas Day. I bought her a Drone (no I wasn’t testing it around Gatwick airport), the screenplay to the new Fantastic Beasts movie, a Where’s Wally calendar and a Deadpool T-Shirt. However I made a slight boo-boo on a same tag and accidentally put “to Heater”, least I didn’t put to Sian like I did with Rachael last year (although on that occasion I cunningly altered to make it look like it said “To Errol Flynn” and messaged her talking about the movie Captain Blood).

Now normally I don’t talk about gifts I had for Christmas as I am not 8 years old anymore and I doubt anyone would give a fig anyway but… I have to mention this one because she must have spent a fortune on it.

That is a copy of Doctor Who: The New Adventures: Lungbarrow by Marc Play, which essentially is the final adventure of the 7th Doctor and is set just before the 1996 TV Movie. It was supposed to be the last New Adventure to feature the 7th Doctor but thanks to a number of issues behind the scenes that honour fell to So Vile a Sin by Ben Aaronvitch and Kate Orman. This book was one the last in the New Adventures range and wasn’t in print for very long and as consequence has been a sort after collector’s item. If you are feeling brave, look it up on eBay….

I was working Christmas Day and this was quite nice as it helps break the day up, it does mean we have Christmas Dinner relatively late though. The last two years I haven’t worked Christmas Day and the day has dragged quite a lo, so I am happy to work it…

Christmas Dinner went well and I continued my tradition of setting fire to the Xmas Pudding, a tradition bequeathed to me from Granddad. It was a right little blazer this year:


We exchanged gifts after dinner and we ended up watch repeats of Allo! Allo! on UKGold as there was naff all worth watching by the time we were all done.

Tomorrow is a day off, so I intended to catch the new Spiderman movie in the morning and then go and see Heather and possibly catch up with my old Pete, the order of those last options are changeable of course.

That’s all for now folks

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