3TC: Nightclub

The lights were flashing and the heat was getting unbearable, how the hell were those people still dancing without collapsing? Johnny hated the disco, he was only here under duress. His friends Karina had insisted on dragging him along, why? He had no idea. He looked up at DJ locked away in his booth wearing an oversized pair of headphones totally focused on his mixing. He’d lost track of Karina, she’d been chatting to a guy and then disappeared. He could use that as his excuse to leave and headed towards the door. As was about to cross the threshold one of the staff approached him.

“Off so soon?” He was asked.

“Yeah my friends have wandered off,” Johnny answered. “Not really my scene anyway.” With that he was off.

Johnny woke up to sound of the morning paper landing on the door mat. He picked it up and put it on the coffee table. About then minutes later Karina clambered through the door, her dressed crumpled from being slept in.

“Where did you go?” She asked.

“I thought you had pulled, so I went.” He answered.

“Lucky you did,” she said. “Take a look at the paper.”

Johnny picked it up. The headline read DISCO ENDS IN INFERNO.

“The entire place was burnt to the ground.”

Three Things Challenge: Disco, Headphones, Paper


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