FOWC: In Pursuit of the 27th Man

In Pursuit of the 27th Man is an early 70s album by Jazz Pianist Horace Silver. It’s a bit of a mixed bag of an album being composed of two very different studio sessions. However it is well worth a listen and shows Horace moving away from his gospel infused Hard-Bop and into new territories. The album marks the first time Silver used the vibraphone in his line up and does more then used use it in a relaxed state. The title track (apparently the 27th man is the meaning of life) is based on a certain set of Japanese musical scales and this gives the track an interesting texture. For those more akin to Silver’s past work, there are three tracks in his usual front line and features an early performance by the Brecker Brothers Michel and Randy on Saxophone and Trumpet respectively. The highlight of this line up is “Gregory is Here” which was written to celebrate the birth of Horace Silver’s son.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Pursuit


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