FOWC: The Birth of Arthur Fransure

They say “Revenge is Sweet”, I wouldn’t know as I have never gotten revenge on someone and the motivation to do so is low because I am not a Klingon or an Arthurian Knight of the realm.

However “Revenge is Sweet” was for the working title for the first episode of a series pitch I worked on called The Greyhounds. Unfortunately I cannot recall much about the original set up except that the opening of the episode had suspicious similarities to the first episode of “The Avengers” and in retrospect, a certain degree “Randell and Hopkirk (Deceased)’… or “My Partner, the Ghost” if you live Stateside. Although I don’t think I had actually seen the first episode of RandH at the time and all I knew of the first episode of the Avengers was that Dr Keel’s fiancé is killed and he meets John Steed while investigating it and that it involved a mix up of names in regards to a delivery of heroin.

So my protagonist was a man called Thomas Powell who was a police officer and his partner/buddy is killed investigating a case which is more than the run of the mill for your local Bobby. Into this we meet the secret service figure of William Seed and his assistant Miss Jones (who no doubt was named as such so I could include the line “Have you met Miss Jones?”). That is all I can remember… However elements of this lingered and a few years later I wrote a pilot script entitled “Living is Easy” which started off with a body of a man being found in the middle of a heatwave having died of hypothermia, and I pitched the series title as The Bloodhounds. As you can guess I was deliberately reworking the initial idea a bit. This is where Dr Benjamin Webster, Arthur Fransure and Elizabeth “Liz” Radcliffe came into existence. Arthur as the mysterious secret service man and Dr Webster being the ordinary man put into an extraordinary world, and Liz being not only the glamour but also the go between and perhaps the inlet for the audience. Liz was a nurse working with Dr Webster and thus could carry on some medical subplots where necessary and also be the more cheery character who could be used as a snout. I developed this a bit more following feedback, giving Dr. Webster and Arthur a more antagonistic relationship and this gave Liz the go between element. My friend Neil queried if I was deliberately setting up an ego/id/super-ego set up… No I wasn’t. I then added a forth character who was a female SAS soldier and was a sort of distorted female image of Arthur in a similar way to a Doctor and Nurse relationship.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Revenge


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