3TC: Sandstorm

Whup-whup-whup-whup The constant rhythm of the Helicopter's rotating blades was being to get to Tanel, it was a constant irritation like a mild headache. He checked his co-ordinates, he was sure he was in the right location. They were now far enough into the desert to be out of aerial tracker range and there was … Continue reading 3TC: Sandstorm

Casting Couch

"Would you describe yourself as a glamorous woman?" "I guess so." "Well we have this femme fatale role available.... How comfortable are you with your figure?" "Fairly comfortable." "Well the role will involve you undressing." "Okay, that'd be a new experience in front of an audience. I am used to having people stare at my … Continue reading Casting Couch

O So Way

From A Guy Called Bloke Been so drunk, just couldn’t walk Oh No Way. Not got that bad. Had a near death experience Oh no way. Talked to yourself in public Oh so way- often it is the only way to get an intelligent answer Lied about age in order to fit in to the … Continue reading O So Way