FOWC: The Postman Always Rings Twice and Runs Away Before You Can Answer the Door

“Oh there wad a package for you earlier,” said Sarah fixing her make in the mirror.

“Really?” Answered Liz. “I’m not expecting anything.”

“It’s on the coffee table,” said Sarah as she disappeared down the stairs. “Don’t wait up,” she called up the stairs. A moment later Liz heard the front door open and close and a key turn in the lock. Liz wandered down the stairs and picked up the parcel. It was wrapped in plain brown paper and had been sealed with brown tape. She removed the packaging, inside was an immaculately wrapped box with a small card reading “To Liz, from You-Know-Who”. Liz smiled, was Sarah trying her luck again? She opened the box. It contained a silk evening dress and there was an invite to a ball at the end of the week. Her phone rang and she answered.

“Good Evening Miss Radcliffe,” chirruped a familiar voice. “Duty calls on Friday night.’

“Ok Arthur,” she said. “What’s the assignment?’

“I need a daughter for the night,” began Arthur.

“-as long as that?” Liz interrupted.

“Well I need someone with your, erm, ample charms.”

Liz laughed, “ok. Hence the special delivery…. Hang on how did you know my measurements.”

“A gentleman never tells,” he said and hung up.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Delivery

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